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An Ever Changing Mind
A Heart Forever Frozen
Mini Magical Moments Requests 
2nd-Sep-2017 01:43 pm
Ami -smile
This post is just to help me keep track of all my Harry Potter drabble requests which can be found here .

Requests can also be made at this post, though the comments will be deleted as they're added to the list.  Please request in this format:

A word, song, phrase, etc.

-Neville or Dean or both's reaction to Luna marrying Rolf Scamander
-Cho's reaction to Harry/Ginny's wedding
-Harry, first finding out he was a wizard
-Harry, mirror of erised
-Draco/Giny Angst/Romance, candycane
-Sirius, James, Remus, making fun of James for loving Lily too much
-Lily/James, Romance/Humor, Book
-Draco/Hermione, "Sorry" by madonna
-Skin by Rascall Flatts
-Winky/Dobby romance/humor
-Sirius and James, after life, Half-Life by Duncan Sheik
5th-Sep-2007 12:20 am (UTC) - weeeeeeeee
whatever you want the genre to be ^_^
the song is: "Sorry" by madonna.
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