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An Ever Changing Mind
A Heart Forever Frozen
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2nd-Sep-2017 01:43 pm - Mini Magical Moments Requests
Ami -smile
This post is just to help me keep track of all my Harry Potter drabble requests which can be found here .

Requests can also be made at this post, though the comments will be deleted as they're added to the list.  Please request in this format:

A word, song, phrase, etc.Requests, not yet writtenCollapse )
13th-Jan-2014 07:57 pm - A nice boost
Ami - peace
Today I volunteered with my high school's volleyball team. While introducing me to the girls, my former coach and one of my mentors said that I was one of their strongest players and "a very smart left side."

I never saw myself as a strong player. I know I was captain. I know I started games in grade nine and eleven when most girls my age rode the bench. I know I was MVP for my travel team and captain there too, but I always chalked that up to my good nature I guess? I always worked harder than the other girls. I was more serious. I didn't fool around. I was the one setting up the nets and taking them down again. I wasn't the hard hitter or the girl who got all the blocks. Sure I almost never missed a serve, but that's just what you have to do. I wasn't the superstar. I was the girl who passed up, not the girl who got the point.

And to hear that now just makes me very happy.

One day I want to be that to another young woman. That is my goal.
21st-Jun-2013 03:51 pm - commas explored for the interested
Ami -smile
Commas are one of the most problematic punctuation marks out there, but once you understand the rules to using them, then writing grammatically correct sentences becomes a whole lot easier. Here are the rules:

1. Use a comma before a coordinating conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet) to join two main clauses (full sentences).
Example: I'm learning how to use commas correctly, and it's really fun!
NOT: I'm learning how to use commas correctly, it's really fun. <-- this is a comma splice

2. Use a comma to off-set unnecessary information, including introductory clauses and non-essential elements in the middle or end of sentences.
Example: Today, I'm learning how to use commas. OR I really enjoy learning about commas, which is probably weird. OR The comma, a very important punctuation mark, is a beautiful thing.
NOT: The punctuation mark, is a beautiful thing, I think. <-- this is a comma misused between the subject and verb. Commas are not to be placed between subject and its verb, a verb and its objects, or any other parts of speech that go together.
REMEMBER: To check if an element is non-essential, try to read the sentence without that element. If it is a full sentence that continues to make sense without the element, then that element is a non-essential element.

3. Use commas in a series of three or more items. The Oxford comma is placed before the conjunction at the end of the series (and, or, etc.), and while it is my personal preference, it is optional.
Example. I went to the store and bought apples, pears, and plums.
NOT: My favourite colours are green, and red. <--there are only two items in this series; therefore, no comma is needed.

4. Commas are also used when showing a dialogue.
Example: She said, "I really do love commas." OR "I really do love commas," she said with a mad gleam in her eye.
Note: The comma goes inside the quotation marks when the quotation comes first.

These are the main uses of commas. If you have any questions, please let me know!
7th-Aug-2012 09:01 am - Meghan's Leaky Schedule
Ami -smile
Hey everyone! I am going to Leaky, so if you're going to Leaky we should try to meet up! Here's my schedule (not including the signing line up things which I still haven't worked into my schedule yet...) Subject to change...

Also sorry in advance because I wrote everything down in short form on my own schedule...so...um...just try to decipher what it means...

Link me to your schedules or let me know if you are going to any of the same things as I am! I would love to meet up. The Hilton has Wi-Fi, so I will be able to use twitter. My username is MegTao, so follow me there to track me
Primeval - ball pit

In celebration, let's have a gif party! :D
10th-Oct-2010 12:08 pm - Chaser Tryouts: ignore this please
Ami -smile

You will be receiving five questions given to you as closely to the beginning of a minute as possible.  You will have five minutes to answer each question and if by the beginning of the fifth minute you have not come up with an answer I will give you the next question.

I will not tell you if you got the question right or wrong.

After the tryout I will screen all of your comments.

Good luck!

7th-Aug-2010 01:16 pm - Friends Cut
Ami -smile

Just finished a friend's cut.  Please don't take this personally as it is all because of how I feel too overwhelmed by the number of my friend's list to be as personally connected as I wish to be.  It is nothing against any of you.

I really only cut people with whom I feel I haven't spoken with much, but it is possible I cut you by mistake, so feel free to comment on my friend's entry. 

I'm going to make an even greater effort to comment on those friend's journals I have kept and may do another round of cuts if I still feel unable to keep up with it all.


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